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If you speak a language other than English and are struggling to find a way to understand government forms, applications, or tax information, call us. We have 18 languages on our staff and outreach team, along with community resources for more languages.

​​Here are the languages currently available:

The Strathcona Place Outreach Team (SPOT) at SP55+ brings Outreach Programs and Social Services to south-west Edmonton. We are excited about finding new and innovative ways to bring the 55+ sector what they need!

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Language Outreach

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Strathcona Place Outreach Team (SPOT)

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If you are having challenges in your life, you are not alone to find viable solutions. SPOT is only a phone call away! Call 780-433-5807 for any of our Outreach Services, including: help with tax forms or other official documents, housing, housekeeping, and abusive circumstances. Our Assistance Director/Outreach Coordinator is also available at 780-433-5809. Additionally, you can also fill out our online form to request Outreach assistance:

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