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The Unique Boutique

The Giving Back Project

      The Unique Boutique at SP55+ takes in donations year-round from our members, as well as the greater community, for our "Giving Back Project". These donations are sold back to the community at affordable prices, so we can "give back" to the community. Proceeds from the sales also go towards supporting the events, programs and services that SP55+ provides, so we can better the lives of seniors and the community as a whole!

      We take a variety of non-textile items, provided they are still in fair, usable condition. The Boutique offers thanks to our generous donors of quality handmade items in SP55+'s sewing and woodworking groups, as well as to volunteers from The Books, White Elephant/Odds and Sods Ladies, front desk, and others who help keep our shelves tidy and updated.

Strathcona Place 55+ Activity & Outreach Centre