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Who Do We Serve?

We serve the 55+ Community by providing multi-cultural activities and services with the goal of healthy aging.

How Can We Help?

Our Outreach Team has 15 trained interns who speak 10 core languages. We utilize the ESCC's Outreach Workers Toolkit in our work with seniors who need social services, referrals, and advocacy. The staff has 7 languages among them and works with an eco-map and a multi-cultural consultant to provide a holistic approach to serving the needs of all the seniors in our community and in the centre.

​What is Our Goal?

Our focus is on wellness for the whole being, and includes arts, cultural, meditation, nutrition, cultural expression, volunteer opportunities in the centre and in the community, as well as educational opportunities via our community health partnerships.

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What is SP55+

Strathcona Place 55+ Activity & Outreach Centre

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